How to Find the Best Tiling Professional for Your Project

Tiler applying adhesive to large format wall tile

While Porcel-Thin tiles are easy to handle and install, there might be occasions when you need the helping hand of a tiling professional to install your porcelain tiles with finesse for the best possible finish. This is a guide to choosing the most appropriate, qualified and experienced tiling contractor for your tiling project.

Tiler applying adhesive onto floor

It’s important not to settle for the first contractor you come across; a little bit of homework will make sure that your tiling project is the finest quality at the most competitive price. Porcel-Thin has formed relationships with many tiling contractors who are experienced in the installation of our large-format porcelain tiles. But when doing your own research you should check out the previous work and testimonials of any prospective tilers to make sure they’re the real deal.


Check reviews and references

Until you’ve found someone you want to work with on a regular basis, it’s a good rule of thumb to seek quotes from at least three tiling contractors for each project. You should meet with them face-to-face and ask them questions such as:

  • How much will the completed project cost?
  • How long will the tiling project take, from start to finish?
  • Who will source the tiles and materials?
  • Do they have insurance and what accreditations do they hold?

gary walsh demonstrates fixing porcel-thin tiles

But who should you meet with and where will you find them? Websites such as Checkatrade are a good starting point. Then, once you’ve found a local tiler that sounds promising, you can check out their website for testimonials from past customers as well as their online reviews (such as Facebook and Google My Business reviews) where you can get a true sense of what they deliver. For those who prefer to go down the traditional route, ask prospective contractors for a list of references and speak to previous customers about the complete tiling process to get the full picture.

Although the best resource by far is your friends and family – people you know and whose opinions you value. If they have used a good tiling contractor, that they can recommend and put you in touch with, this is half the battle won.

Peruse their tiling projects portfolio

Newly renovated flat with Porcel-Thin tiles

Any tiling professional worth their salt will have a portfolio of past tiling projects accessible for you to view. Whether you’re looking for someone to tile your kitchen floor or pave your poolside, photographs of a tiler’s previous projects should reveal how much pride they take in their work and the standard of finish you can expect from any future project.

Some sole-trader tiling professionals will not have all-singing, all-dancing websites like large architect practices but they may be able to direct you to their company’s Facebook page or present you with a physical book of photos showing finished projects. This is a great starting point to see if they’re the type of tiler that you want and if they produce the quality of work you’re looking for.

Luxury London apartment featuring 90x90cm China Clay Porcel-Thin Mono porcelain floor tiles 6

Seek expert advice and recommendations 

The one advantage that Porcel-Thin has over other tiling suppliers and retail outlets is their long-standing relationships with the cream of tiling contractors throughout the UK. We sell directly to experienced tiling professionals so we know who the good guys are and that they work well with our porcelain tile collections to produce stunning results. We are pleased to endorse tiling contractors who have proved expertise when handling, cutting and installing Porcel-Thin tiles. As well as having a comprehensive list of our recommended contractors here, we feature case studies of projects on which our approved tiling contractors have worked. This gives you a reference, recommendation and portfolio example all wrapped into one!

Tiler applying adhesive to large format wall tile

Should you have any questions about our thin porcelain tiles or approved tiling contractors, get in touch today.

Ray Smith

20th November 2017