How to Get Creative With Thin Porcelain Tiles

You can do more than just tile walls and floors with our thin porcelain tiles – a lot more! Owing to their unique ultra-thin and large-format nature, Porcel-Thin tiles can be used to create everything from worktops and splashbacks to signage and dinner plates. In this article we’re going to consider some of the most creative projects that have shown Porcel-Thin tiles in a new and exciting light.

Bathroom vanity unit created using ultra thin and large brown marble effect porcelain tiles

Top tiled worktop ideas

Our thin porcelain tiles can be used to make innovative additions to domestic and commercial spaces alike, including tiled kitchen worktops and made to measure bathroom worktops . The sheer size of our extra-large format porcelain tiles means that minimal tiles are needed to create a large kitchen island or a series of matching tiled worktops. The style statement can then of course be taken further by adding a coordinating feature wall or splashback.

While using natural stone in a sizeable slab may leave you with a sizeable bill, using Porcel-Thin marble effect or stone effect tiles gives the appearance of authentic stone without the high price tag or high-maintenance commitment. Natural marble, for example, would make a magnificent looking kitchen worktop or bathroom worktop but would be pricey as well as harder to cut, shape and install than our ultra-thin and lightweight porcelain tiles. Many natural stone types also need treating regularly to maintain their resistance to water, scratches and grime whereas porcelain tiles do the hard work for you.

What else is great about worktops tiled with Porcel-Thin perfection? The fewer tiles that need to be pieced together, the more continuous and impactful the striations, veining or knots of your natural look tile. Also, fewer grout lines mean fewer places for dirt and germs to hide. In short, tiled kitchen worktops or bathroom worktops made using porcelain tiles will help you achieve ultimate kitchen kudos or bathroom bliss.

Cutting the mustard with thin porcelain tiles

Large dice created from Porcel-Thin large format and thin porcelain tiles

As Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles are so thin, they’re easy to cut and shape to fit your interior design precisely. We’ve seen our thin porcelain tiles used to create everything from nifty display pieces, such as a tiled dice used to show off the versatility of Porcel-Thin tiles in our showroom, to palatial hallways incorporating tricky corners and intricate detailing.

Although exceedingly strong and dense, Porcel-Thin tiles are easy to cut, shape and drill using only standard tiling tools. This means that specific shapes can be cut out of the tiles to clad designs such as this stunningly simplistic wash basin stand featured in our London showroom.

Bathroom wash stand created using Emperador marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

It’s cleverly crafted by friend of Porcel-Thin and approved tiling contractor, Gary Walsh, from Emperador Onyx marble effect tiles to complement the shower room wall and flooring, which not only lengthens the space but brings a touch of luxury too. This chic washbasin stand also acts to contrast the room-brightening classic pale marble effect tiles used as a feature wall in this space. And check out that neat bordering of the Emperador Onyx around the the Calacatta Borghini Porcelain effect marble tiles. This just goes to show that these extra-large format thin porcelain tiles can be used to add delicate details as well as create huge impact.

The precision of shaping and cutting angles is also demonstrated by this wow-factor entrance hall feature made using our Nero Portoro 1800x900x5.5mm ultra-thin porcelain tiles by approved Porcel-Thin tiling contractor John Simons.

John demonstrates this skill further in the heavenly hallway he created for an opulent Southend house. Over eight days, John tiled from the centre of the hallway outwards and for the curved detail around the base of the stairs he created a template and managed  to cut both the white (Mona Lisa Volakas)  and brown (3D Shadow Emperador Onyx) curved boarder tiles in one piece.

Lattice design entrance hall floor featuring white and brown marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-thin

Hate the slate plate trend in gastro-pubs? Perhaps the thought of using porcelain tiles as table wear will tip you over the edge! Yes, we’ve actually found that our antibacterial porcelain tiles can be cut to size to make decidedly good dishes. Not only do they look great – as there are a number of styles and finishes to choose from that could really knock dinner party guests’ socks off – but they’re literally so hygienic you can eat your dinner off them.

Getting creative in the bedroom

Who says porcelain tiles don’t have a place in the boudoir? Tiled bedroom walls have always been popular in warmer countries and are a regular choice in hotels on the continent. But as interior designers get more creative and draw inspiration from industrial styling, especially in luxury properties, tiled feature walls in bedrooms are becoming – dare we say it? – sensual.

Bedroom feature wall tiled with book matched Calacatta Antique marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

Even better, while being ultra-thin, lightweight and suitable to cover a variety of walls and floors porcelain tiles also work in harmony with underfloor (and in-wall) heating systems so they always look cool but only ever feel cool when you want them to.

This display in our London showroom brings home how Porcel-Thin tiles can in fact add a warm look too, with Griseo Aged Limestone Porcelain Tiles from floor to wall, while our Calacatta Antique Marble Book Match Tiles give an exquisite finishing touch to the intimate space.

Sensational signage for all spaces

A water jet cut WELCOME sign created using Porcel-Thin large format and thin porcelain tiles

The versatility of porcelain tiles doesn’t stop with coverings and cladding; it’s got something to offer fixtures too. Whether you want a welcome sign for a trendy home or a branded sign for a commercial interior or exterior, Porcel-Thin’s ultra-thin tiles make an excellent workable base.

They’re super-strong, which means they can be cut using water jet technology to perfect all the curves and angles. Just take the showroom sign used for the Fiora’s luxury bathroom displays at the 2015 SLEEP Hotel Design Event in London. This neat “welcome” tile was created by cutting the letters out of two types of thin porcelain tile and interlaying the letters (made using Lisbon Dark Bronze Metallic Tile) into the base tile (the amazing aquamarine offering from the Paris collection).

As our thin porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, water-resistant (lending them to all sorts of locations inside and outside), low-maintenance and antibacterial too, they’re ideal for signage in hygiene crucial environments from health centres to professional kitchens.

How’s that for creative inspiration? We’d love to see your tiling triumphs so please share your photos on our Twitter and Facebook pages.