How To Keep Your Kitchen & Bathroom Bacteria-Free

Oak block kitchen worktop

Antibacterial surfaces in your home can be the first line of defence against germs. But what type of “anti-bac” surface does the job best? In this article, we take a look at the best options for countertops, walls and floors.


Oak block kitchen worktop

Advances in technology make antibacterial tiles a great option for cleanliness in both domestic and commercial spaces. Porcel-Thin’s Bac-Tech antibacterial tile collection gives you the best of both worlds: cleanliness and attractiveness.

Cool countertops

By far the most vulnerable areas to germs are your countertops. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, its vital to have hygienic countertop surfaces to prevent germs and other nasties. Lightweight porcelain tiles – rather than traditional countertops – are becoming a popular solution for home surfaces.


Bac-Tech antibacterial porcelain tiled kitchen worktops and walls

Contrary to popular wisdom, the most efficient way to keep countertops clean is not only by cleaning them regularly yourself. To get a head-start on germs, homeowners should invest in porcelain tiles with a built-in antibacterial properties. It’s true that quartz, marble, and other natural stone tiles offer some antibacterial qualities. However, the cost, weight and high maintenance of these materials make them inferior to porcelain.

Porcel-Thin’s “Bac-Tech” antibacterial tile collection is a perfect example of antibacterial tile technology at work. Rather than simply coat the tile with an antibacterial layer that can wear out, Bac-Tech tiles boast nanoparticles throughout the entire body. Unlike inferior coated anti-bac tiles, this hygienic shield stays intact.  Even after many years of wear and tear.

Clean surfaces that look the part

It’s not just hygiene that distinguishes antibacterial tiles. Lightweight and versatile, Bac-Tech tiles are very easy to install. With their sheer size – a whopping 1400x800mm – a mere handful of tiles can form an entire kitchen island or bathroom countertop with only minimal grout joints. What’s more, the stunning stone and marble textures offer the authentic look of natural stone with none of the aforementioned drawbacks.


Stunning modern kitchen with antibacterial wall and floor tiles

Bac-Tech tiles are considered the real deal by industry experts, even winning a Tomorrow’s Tile and Stone award in 2018. With six stunning stone effect textures, designers can truly get creative. Bars and restaurants can make a sleek impression whilst maintaining standards of hygienic. With customers in more need of re-assurance than ever, antibacterial tiles and surface finishes are likely to be wise commercial investment.

Floors & walls? We’ve got it covered


Large white marble effect antibacterial floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

If not regularly cleaned, bacteria can linger on standard hard wall and floor surfaces for long periods. A significant concern in environments catering for children and the vulnerable, particularly in areas with high foot traffic. Fortunately, Bac-Tech tiles keep working 24/7 both inside and outside on walls, floors, countertops and just aboput any flat surface that can be tiled. Extra large dimensions make for quicker coverage, faster installation and fewer grout joints to trap dirt and germs. Furthermore, the reasonable cost means you can cover large areas without breaking the bank.

Keeping your tiles spic and span


Cleaning kitchen worktops

Even the best performing anti-bac tiles need to be cleaned but they are the first line of defence in killing and preventing germs from spreading. One key advantage of porcelain tiles in general is that they can be kept squeaky clean with just a basic cleaning. For more tips please read Porcel-Thin’s step-by-step guide to cleaning your bathroom. With the combination of antibacterial technology and some T.L.C. on your part, hygiene has never been so easy to maintain.

If you have any questions about Porcel-Thin’s antibacterial tiles, please speak to a member of our team. We’ll help you decide the best tiles for your upcoming project. Our south London showroom is temporarily closed to visitors, but are staff are available to answer your questions and help with project specification.