How to Use Porcelain Tiles to Create a Wonderful Wet Room

Wet room tiled with ultra thin porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Whether your lacking in space and thinking wet room instead of bathroom or you’re getting an extension and would like to add a wet room for more wash-time versatility and a view to extra property value, we’re here to advise on what’s what when it comes to wet rooms and why Porcel-Thin tiles and our approved tiling contractors should be your number one choice.

Wet room tiled with ultra thin porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Wet room tiles to whet your appetite  

A wet room has an open, fully tiled shower area and makes the most of the extra space taken up by the tub in a traditional bathroom. Most wet rooms are tiled from floor to ceiling to create the most effective waterproof shower area and, by nature, will add contemporary flair to your interior design project. So, why are porcelain tiles the hot pick?

Porcelain tiles are not porous or difficult to maintain like some natural stone tiles. Porcel-Thin tiles, specifically, have an ultra-low water absorption (below 0.5%) – that beats the industry standard of 2-3% hands down! Our porcelain tiles are resistant to dirt and grime too, which will ultimately make your wet room a doddle to keep clean.

Most importantly, Porcel-Thin offers a PTV Tile Slip Resistance Testing service to specifiers considering the use of porcelain bathroom floor tiles for their wet room projects. This way, you can make sure your chosen floor tiles comply with the latest UK HSE slip-resistance guidelines to offer a safer surface.

Bare feet in walk in shower area

Porcel-Thin tiles are so thin that they can even be applied over many existing wall and floor coverings. The extra-large quality of many of our porcelain tile collections also means that floor-to-ceiling coverage can be seamless with fewer grout lines and no potential problem areas. This not only offers a chic finish but bolsters the waterproofing prowess.

Who are the wet room specialists?

While you could factor in a tiled partition wall or a fixed glass walk-in panel as part of your wet room design, many wet rooms don’t have the added protection of a shower screen to contain the majority of water and spray that’s reflected or airborne commonly spreads.

Your chosen tiling contractor must be a professional with experience of installing wet rooms. Management of water within the shower area is imperative and therefore specialists will often tank the entire bathroom floor and lower portion of the walls in the area outside of the shower while the shower will be tanked entirely.

Pro Tilers wetroom installation project with Porcel-Thin tiles

To build a true wet room, a floor former (preformed shower tray designed to be fixed in place and tiled over) will be used. Otherwise, an installation specialist will create the wet room base using gradient formers and screed, which is then tanked and tiled. An alternative to a true wet room is a low-profile shower tray, mounted flush with the floor. This method will not require tanking.

The key to creating a wonderful wet room is cutting the tiles to create a fall both in the shower tray and the wider room (for small open wet rooms without a shower screen) to ensure that water channels to the shower drain. A tiler with wet room experience will understand tanking systems and their application as well as the most suitable tile adhesives and grout products to use. A good tiler knows the difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

Wetroom featuring Calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

As Ian Knifton, Divisional Manager of Schlüter-Systems, says: “It is a surprisingly common mistake to expect water-resistant to mean waterproof, which ultimately leads to water seeping into the fabric of the building through tiled floors. Water-resistant products mean they do not break down in water and are able to resist water penetration to a small degree.”

Just as important as keeping the dry bits dry is keeping your warm bits warm. An experienced tiling contractor will be able to advise you on the best underfloor heating system for your porcelain tiled wet room that will make your toes toasty while drying up any excess water and making your shower experiences all the more pleasurable.

Check out our list of approved contractors to find someone in your area with the porcelain tile wet room fitting expertise you require.

Ray Smith

18th December 2017