Lightweight Porcelain Tiles… I Can’t Believe It’s Not Marble!

When it comes to luxury in the home, marble tiles are hard to beat. However, there are certain drawbacks to real marble tiles that may put designers off. Chief among these are cost, upkeep, and – worst of all – heaviness.

hotel hallway with calacatta borghini porcelain tiles

All three issues can be solved by simply switching to marble effect porcelain tiles. Porcel-Thin’s range of lightweight, ultra-thin tiles come in a host of realistic marble and stone effects that lend an authentic sparkle to your interior. What’s more, the incredibly thin, lightweight properties of our porcelain tiles open up a whole world of opportunities to get creative with marble and natural stone designs.

Go large but lightweight

In most cases, the bigger a tile’s dimensions, the more onerous its weight. But with Porcel-Thin tiles, you can plump for extremely large format tiles without having to worry about its heaviness. That’s because our ultra-thin tiles start at only 4.8mm in thickness and are less than half the weight of even regular porcelain tiles, freeing you up to be more adventurous with size.

Celebrity cruises suite with Arabescato Marble effect square tile

This benefit has recently been embraced by Celebrity Cruises, a luxury passenger cruise company. Their designers teamed up with Porcel-Thin to select marble effect wall tiles for their new Celebrity Edge ship. Our coveted Arabescato 1000x1000x6mm square tile takes pride of place in the ship’s most luxurious rooms, the Iconic Suite, proving that porcelain has the same luxury kudos as real marble.

Lightweight porcelain tiles are ideal for settings such as the high seas or in the air, where weight imust be carefull managed and saved. The same principle applies in the home – lightweight tiles are easier to install and reduce the overall construction load. Moreover, the incredible density of Porcel-Thin tiles makes them twice as tough as regular porcelain tiles, as confirmed by independent tests.

What makes Porcel-Thin tiles so lightweight?

Lightweight Ferrara marble effect floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

Put simply, the answer is great strength and this requires less material. With their ultra-thin and strong construction, Porcel-Thin tiles naturally carry far less weight than regular porcelain tiles. The average thickness of porcelain tiles is 13mm, compared to only 4.8mm for our thinnest tiles. This wafer-thin dimension with great strength is achieved by a manufacturing process that presses the clay mix into moulds, rather than extruding it. And that’s not all – by turning up the heat to 1,400°C (rather than 400-600°C for ceramic tiles), our tiles become increadibly dense, more durable and highly resistant to water and dirt.

Let’s compare the weight of natural marble to the weight of Porcel-Thin tiles. The average 10mm thick marble tile weighs around 25kg per square metre. Our 4.8mm thick marble effect porcelain tiles weigh in at a feather wieght 11kg per square metre – more than 50% lighter than real marble. No contest! Another drawback to marble is that, as the size of a tile increases, so must the thickness. But with Porcel-Thin tiles, even the mighty 2.4×1.2m Leviathan tile is only 6mm thick.

If you’re looking for a lightweight porcelain tile for your next home or commercial space project, please contact us for more advice. Our helpful team will answer any questions you may have about Porcel-Thin tiles, from how they are manufactured to the most suitable tile for your next renovation.