Matt Tiles Versus Gloss Tiles

No matter whether you’re revamping a restroom or paving a patio, when choosing porcelain tiles there are so many factors to consider and choices to make. What colour? What pattern or effect? What size? But one of the most crucial factors – for safety and style – is matt tiles or gloss tiles? Below we compare the two and hope to make your tile finish decision making hassle-free.

What are matt tiles?

Defined by their lack of shine and lustre but no less appealing for it, matt tiles are a popular choice for both contemporary and rustic homes. They often work best in larger spaces since they don’t have that illuminating, space-enhancing quality that gloss tiles can offer to smaller rooms.

China clay matt porcelain tile from the Porcel-Thin Paris collection

Tiles with a matt finish give greater grip so are the smart choice for parts of the property that may get wet and slippery underfoot. As explored in last month’s article, porcelain tiles can’t be 100% non-slip. But they can be slip-resistant and this is where matt tiles shine (as it were). Spaces and surfaces exposed high-traffic and moisture can be made safer underfoot by the addition of matt floor tiles.

Matt white wall tiles can also hide smudges, limescale and other daily residue much better in bathrooms and kitchens far better than high gloss tiles in similar environments.

Porcelain matt tiles make a great addition to rustic design schemes, complementing natural wood and stone perfectly. While grey or white matt tiles can provide that je ne sais quoi to urbanesque open-plan spaces and really make industrial features, like exposed piping and steel fixtures, pop.

Our top porcelain matt tile picks:

Modern kitchen featuring large format matt finish porcelain floor tiles by Porcel-Thin

  • Slate Effect Tiles – With a choice of sultry grey or slick black, both of our slate effect porcelain tiles have a structured finish for a chicer natural slate look that’s suitable for walls and floors alike.
  • Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles – Whether you go light and bright with Crepito Cream or warehouse wonder with Pierre Blue, these limestone effect porcelain tiles combine all the loveliness of natural stone with the hardiness and ease of porcelain.
  • Paris Tile Collection – You’ve a whole bevy of colours and designs to choose from here – matt tiles to the max!

What are gloss tiles?

The yang to the matt tile’s yin, gloss tiles (or polished tiles, as referred to in the Porcel-Thin collection) have a brilliant shiny finish. Able to reflect light, white gloss tiles especially can make even the most confined space seem roomier. What’s more they can help to mirror key décor colours and textures throughout a space.

Large format polished porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

Gloss bathroom tiles are a popular choice in many modern homes where smaller second bathrooms, washrooms and shower rooms are desired for growing families. High gloss tiles are also an excellent choice for narrow hallways and have proved favourable with modern offices and health and leisure businesses where the light and airy feel is sought after. They can look sensational in a contemporary luxury city pad too.

As mentioned above, high gloss tiles are not the best choice for high-traffic areas and in environments that might get we such as kitchens, bathrooms and on patios. They are however ideal for walls and with myriad choices – from grey gloss tiles to marble effect gloss tiles– can really make a space sing.

Our top porcelain gloss tile picks:

Extra large polished marble effect porcelain tiles from the Porcel-Thin Leviathan tile collection

Matt white tiles or high gloss tiles? The Porcel-Thin possibilities are plentiful. Check out our complete collection here or visit our showroom for the full experience..