Introducing Even More New Porcel-Thin Tiles for 2020

Whenever a new year swings around, we at Porcel-Thin are asked the same question: “What new tiles do you have?” Last month we profiled three new “baby” coloured tiles from the Paris collection. Now it’s time to unveil the other batch of our new porcelain tiles for 2020 – all featuring a glorious natural stone look.


Black Forest polished marble effect porcelain tiles used for a stylish hotel washroom


As ever, these new arrivals feature all the key hallmarks of Porcel-Thin tiles. With their thin, dense and lightweight properties, our new extra-large tiles are tough as anything while offering faster coverage than standard formats. Furthermore, each new texture and pattern boasts a stunning realism thanks to our digital printing technology.

Enough of the hype – let’s take a closer look at the second batch of our new 2020 tiles:

New Ferrara marble effect tiles – 1200x600mm

Darker shades are increasingly in demand for interior design. Thank goodness, then, for our new Black Forest tile (6mm thick), boasting a stunning deep black marble effect. Crucially, the dark tones are contrasted by pale grey veins in a linear pattern, making the tile luxurious rather than gloomy. Black Forest is ideal for any luxury space, inside or outside.

New large format marble effect porcelain tiles from the Porcel-Thin Ferrara collection

For a lighter touch, designers can embrace our new Silver Grey marble effect tile (also 6mm in thickness). While it’s tempting to favour tiles with bold and spectacular patterns, this tile is all about understatement. With a grey marble look – augmented by subtle grey white veins – the Silver Grey tile brings a subtle, calming feel to any space. Like all Ferrara tiles, it is available in a polished finish and features a high degree of pattern variation to avoid repetition.

The third new arrival is the Marshal Brown tile, our take on the popular chocolate brown marble from Iran. At only 4.8mm thick, it is as thin as any tile in the Porcel-Thin collection while being extremely robust. The tile features stunning brown and grey veins cross-crossing the surface, replicating the look of authentic brown marble. As ever, the impressive pattern variation from tile to tile means you won’t have to worry about any repetition in the design.

New Jerusalem Aged Limestone – 1000x1000mm


New Cedar grey blue 1m x 1m honed limestone effect porcelain tile by Porcel-Thin


Finally, we’re delighted to unveil a new addition to our popular Jerusalem Aged Stone collection: the Cedar limestone effect tile (6mm thick). With its authentic aged tone, the Cedar tile offers the classic look of limestone without the drawbacks of heavy weight or the need for sealing and frequent maintenance. At 1m x 1m, the extra-large format results in far fewer grout lines than a standard size square tile.

Do you like the look of our new ultra-thin porcelain tiles? If so, the next step is to speak to one of our tile experts to see how you can bring your next project to life using Porcel-Thin tiles. All our new 2020 tiles are on display in our Rotherhithe showroom, where you can experience for yourself the unique qualities of Porcel-Thin.