Backlit Onyx Panels Shine a New Light on Interior Design

Illuminated reception counter tiled with Altissimo White backlit onyx porcelain panels

Do your interiors lack a certain glow? Porcel-Thin’s innovative new Backlit Onyx panels provide a simple yet hugely effective tool for ambitious design professionals. An illuminated take on luxury porcelain tiles, these stunning ultra-thin backlit panels will help to elevate even the most basic of spaces.


Illuminated reception counter tiled with Altissimo White backlit onyx porcelain panels


We are excited to offer five unique styles in this new range, each boasting an authentic onyx pattern. So if you’re an interior designer, architect, or retail contractor, read on to see how you can get creative and reimagine spaces as diverse as bars, hotels, retail displays, offices, boats, and even luxury homes.

Backlit Onyx: The basics

The new Backlit Onyx range features five unique styles. Each tile pattern is based on an authentic type of onyx or marble stone: Alabaster, Blue Lace Agate, Altissimo White, Macaubas Blue, and Botswana Agate. Their lifelike patterns are achieved through our modern digital printing techniques, which result in a perfect replication look of real onyx veins and textures.


Retail display pods made with porcelain backlit onyx marble tiles in Alabaster and Macaubas Blue onyx


Each Backlit Onyx panel measures 1800x900mm in size. And at just 3.5mm thick, their remarkable thinness means they can be illuminated with backlighting, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Like all Porcel-Thin tiles, our Backlit Onyx range is made from ultra-thin, ultra-strong, lightweight porcelain – this offers clear practical benefits compared to real stone or marble.


Illuminated entrance ceiling featuring Porcel-Thin Alabaster backlit onyx marble tiles


Similar products on the market use a veneer, laid over Perspex or glass. However, you’ll find no such trickery with Porcel-Thin Backlit Onyx panels, which are 100% pure porcelain. 

Lighting options

LED backlighting adds a whole new dimension to luxury porcelain tiles and panels. The effect created is that of a warm, diffused glow; one that highlights the patterns and veins within each onyx stone.


Blue Ice Agate illuminated onyx porcelain panels from Porcel-Thin


What’s more, designers have the freedom to change the exact colour of the panels, depending on the choice of backlighting. This innovation allows free reign to experiment with the interior look, adjusting the tone and vibrance for each space.

Where can Backlit Onyx panels be used?


Illuminated bar interior featuring Blue Ice Agate backlit onyx porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin


Whether indoors or outdoors, our luxury backlit panels offer the ideal look and function for dozens of applications. While Backlit Onyx is used mainly for cladding and wall panels, it performs just as well as a suspended ceiling feature, in part thanks to its fire-proof qualities. Backlit wall panels can even be used to create stylish and robust countertops for bars, kitchen areas, counter tops, and more.

Here’s a quick run-down of some popular applications for using Porcel-Thin backlit onyx panels:

  • Retail displays –Backlit Onyx is a natural choice for stylish decorative wall panelling in retail areas. The understated glow and subtle patterns set the ideal mood in boutique and luxury spaces. They can be used for shelves, as well as for wall panels that form a backdrop to display shelving. Designers can even utilize backlit panels for freestanding display pedestals, instantly creating a memorable and eye-catching feature.
  • Hotels, spas, bars restaurants – Our translucent stone panels have plenty to offer in a hospitality setting, too. Typical uses include feature walls, pillars, decorative lamps, reception desk cladding, and bar panels and countertops. Luxury hotel rooms can be kitted out with a soft-glowing feature wall behind the bed, or even as shower enclosure walls.
  • Corporate buildings – Backlit Onyx offers a warm, welcoming glow in entryways, especially those that are visible through glass. This concept comes into its own with reception desks – why not add LED backlight panels to compliment the welcoming smiles of receptionists? Suspended ceilings are another eye-catching option for commercial settings such as building lobbies.
  • Luxury boats – Sailing the high seas, passengers will appreciate the luxuriousness of backlit feature walls, showers, and decorative panelling. Whether used on a super-sized cruise ship or a personalised yacht, designers can have plenty of fun with the diffuse light effects.
  • Domestic homes – While the greatest potential for Backlit Onyx lies in the commercial realm, homeowners may soon want a piece of the action. Backlit wall panels offer a striking look in luxury houses and apartments, especially for large high-end and bespoke builds.

How to order Backlit Onyx panels


Room divider made with 180x90cm porcelain backlit onyx wall panels from Porcel-Thin


As a specialist product, Porcel-Thin’s Backlit Onyx range is available only on special order. The five styles of onyx wall panels will all be arriving soon, please do contact us today for more information.