Stunning feature lounge wall tiled with string matched Calacatta Lute marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin

Last month at Porcel-Thin, we unveiled a new book match porcelain tile – the first in our new 2021 range. And we’re following it up this month with not one, but two brand new string matched marble tiles: Calacatta Lute and Arabescato Lucidato


Stunning feature lounge wall tiled with string matched Calacatta Lute marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin


These two stunning tiles are part of our ever-expanding Leviathan range; a set of extra-large format porcelain tiles that mimic the real look of marble. What’s more, they represent our first foray into string match marble, a style that’s proving to be extremely popular with both homeowners and interior designers.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these new string match marble tiles. We’ll also explore just what makes string match patterns so appealing as a tiling option for walls and floors.

What is string match marble?

String match patterns are similar in character to book match tiles. The latter style is formed of a printed split stone pattern that has been opened up and mirrored to create a symmetrical look. String match, on the other hand, consists simply of one large pattern spread over two or more tiles to form one large pattern.


Stunning feature lounge wall tiled with string matched Arabescato Lucidato marble effect porcelain tiles from Porcel-Thin


The secret to these gorgeous patterns is to be found in our world-class digital printing methods. Our tile technicians use cutting-edge tech to accurately reproduce the true patterns of luxury marble. Through this method, we can create complex patterns such as a continuous string match (or book match) effect spread across several tiles. Such patterns serve as a bold design statement that will steal the show in any domestic or commercial space.

Our new matched marble-effect tiles

As with all tiles in Porcel-Thin’s Leviathan range, the new string match tiles boast a luxurious polished finish. They also measure a whopping 2400x1200mm, which ensures faster coverage and fewer grout lines. Despite their giant size, each tile is only 6mm thick, a testament to the robust, high-density properties of our porcelain tile technology.

The first new tile, Calacatta Lute String Match, is a stunning reproduction of Calacatta Lute marble from the quarries of northern Italy. Grey and golden tones unfurl across three extra-large tiles – the result is a luxurious pattern that holds its own with the very best Calacatta marble interiors. In total, a single set of string match tiles consists of three tiles measuring 3.6×2.4m. It’s enough to cover an entire feature wall in a bathroom or living room.


Extra-large 2.4x1.2m Calacatta Lute string matched marble effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin


Alternatively, the Arabescato Lucidato String Match tile features a more subdued pattern. While it may lack the boldness and sparkle of Calacatta, the tile’s intricate grey and gold tones offer plenty of opulence. It all adds up to an inspiring wall or floor tile pattern suitable for a luxury hotel, retail area, spa, or contemporary home interior.


Extra-large 2.4x1.2m Arabescato Lucidato string matched marble effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin


Watch this space: next month we’ll introduce a third new string match tile in the Leviathan collection. In the meantime, both new string match tiles are available on special order from £150 per square metre. To get your tile project moving, just contact us via phone or email.