New Year, New Baby Colours With the Latest Porcel-Thin Tiles

What better way to kickstart the new decade than with some brand new Porcel-Thin tiles? We’re pleased to welcome three new “baby” colours into the world, adding to the beautiful Paris 1200x600mm tiles collection. All three tones are warm, soft and cuddly – just like the real thing!

Baby pink porcelain wall tiles in a trendy restaurant

Pastel Power

Most of our ultra-thin porcelain tiles have a natural stone or wood effect with defined veins and textures. The Paris collection, however, is distinguished by its soft, plain colours, offering a far more minimalist look. These three new Paris tiles – Baby Blue, Baby Pink and Baby Green – boast a light pastel tone that brings a dollop of brightness to any interior.

Baby Pink, Baby Blue and Baby Green Paris tile samples

Don’t be fooled by the soft exterior: these baby tiles are extraordinarily robust, even at a thinness of 6mm (far thinner than standard porcelain tiles.) All three tiles boast the toughness and density of a muscled bodybuilder, in stark contrast to the soothing effect created by the baby colours. This allows you to kit out your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or exterior in the softest tone imaginable but without worrying about vulnerability to scratches or footfall.

Let There Be Light

Kitchen cabinets covered with baby blue porcelain Paris tile

With their calming pastel tones, the new Paris tiles are an ideal tonic for rooms that aren’t blessed with a large amount of natural light. The matt glaze technology, with microscopic bumps and undulations on its surface, causes light to bounce off the tile in all directions, maximizing the available light in the room.

The softness of the three colours create plenty of potential for tonal contrasts. For instance, all three baby tones go fantastically well with coloured shower screens, dark-coloured appliances and cabinets, or even wallpaper.

Modern kitchen with Paris baby green porcelain tiles

If you have any questions about our new Paris tiles – or indeed any of our dozens of ultra-thin tile collections – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you have a clear vision in mind for your next home renovation, or you’re looking for a helping hand in the design process, our team of experts will help you achieve the perfect home or commercial interior.