Porcel-Thin Book Match Tiles Tipped as Big 2020 Trend

Every few years in the interior design world, a new tiles trend sweeps in that provokes real excitement. Our top tile tip – the tile that will steal the show in 2020 – is book match tiles.

Porcel-Thin Calacatta Antique marble effect porcelain tiles on bedroom wall

What has caused book match marble to surge in popularity? Well, a big reason is the gradual trend away from minimalist interiors and towards a more adventurous look. Tiles are no exception. And when it comes to big, bold patterns and textures, book match marble tiles make the biggest impression of all.

What are book match tiles?

Bookmatching is a “mirrored” or “open book” style created by pairing two or more marble or stone surfaces. The old-fashioned method is to slice a marble block into thin slabs and lay them out in order end to end. However, this approach is both incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Bianco marble effect book match tiles on bathroom wall

So, how have book match tiles become so affordable? Simple: new breakthroughs in digital printing. Our book match porcelain tiles boast a natural marble effect so authentic that it may as well be the real thing. Using state-of-the-art digital printing technology, we can replicate the all the subtle details of natural stone and marble down to the finest grain.

It’s all about the patterns

The trademark look of book match tiles – pale background, large formats, “vein-matching” in a roughly symmetrical pattern – is enough to take the breath away. Tempting as it is to admire book match tiles from afar, we recommend taking a closer look to fully appreciate the luxurious textures. Porcel-Thin’s bookmatch tiles measure a huge 1400x800mm, with few grout lines to interrupt the patterns. These large dimensions also help to accentuate the space, ideal for wet rooms and shower areas.


Porcel-Thin Calacatta book match marble tiles tile in Mediterranean hotel room

It’s important to note that book match tiles are not completely symmetrical. Bookmatch patterns have the same properties as a butterfly’s wings – similar, but not identical. When slicing up real marble, the natural veins and grooves are never exactly alike. Our digital printing takes great care to vary the patterns from tile to tile, even only slightly.

Spread across eight tiles, these book match patterns combine to form a stunning spectacle. Porcel-Thin’s Calacatta Antique Marble tiles are a great example of the butterfly effect in action, equally at home in the bedroom as a hotel lobby. It’s more laid-back cousin, the Calacatta Bookmatch tile, is ideal for those who prefer thicker, less dark veining.

Lighter, cheaper & easier to install

Calacatta marble effect book match floor tile by Porcel-Thin

Another bonus of porcelain bookmatch tiles is their light weight. Real marble tiles are extremely heavy and difficult to transport and install. Compounding this awkwardness is the high upkeep – marble tiles must be cleaned using specialist cleaning fluid to avoid damage. Porcelain bookmatch tiles face no such problem, needing only a simple all-purpose cleaning spray and a cloth.

If you’d like to join the growing number of homeowners and interior designers turning to bookmatching, take a look at our complete range of bookmatch tiles. You can even visit our Rotherhithe showroom to see our full book match tile displays up close.