Porcel-Thin Scores Again With the Paris Porcelain Tile Collection!

Football Stadium Background with Ball and France Flag

Ah, the effortless style of a professional at the top of their game: elegantly slipping past the opposition before slotting in a perfectly placed finisher with polished ease…

Football Stadium Background with Ball and France Flag

What? No, we’re not talking about the Euro 2016 championships – this is the Paris collection: Porcel-Thin’s premier league porcelain floor and wall tiles.

With the attention of football fans everywhere turned toward France for the next four weeks it’s good to know that the UK’s top producer of ultra-thin porcelain tiles hasn’t taken their eye off the ball when it comes to their A-team performers.

Just like the city of light from which it takes its name, the Paris collection is the epitome of modern style, chic and sophistication. And, like Paris, many people have fallen under the spell of our elegant large porcelain tiles, becoming our most popular collection.

From classic to contemporary, Paris has it all

With a staggering variety of thirty-six different tiles you have plenty options from which to choose your winning combination: from the classic plain colours of pure white, warm cream, stunning aquamarine or elegant grey through to the more contemporary patterns or even abstract nature prints. The Aquamarine large porcelain tiles also make a superb substitute for coloured glass in kitchens and bathrooms – making an excellent choice for hardwearing splashback tiles, as they were in one of the stunning bathrooms created by Porcel-Thin for the 2015 SLEEP Hotel Design event.

Welcome cut into a Porcel-Thin porcelain tile using a water jet for the Sleep Event 2015 v2

While Porcel-Thin do offer a choice of polished or matt finishes on selected porcelain floor and wall tiles from the Paris collection, unfortunately, for the true football devotees, Astroturf is sadly not yet an option…

Paris is the choice for interior designers

The Paris collection has also found great favour with many high end designers and discerning luxury developers. Renowned interior design and project management consultancy Nicola Scannell Design recently made superb use our porcelain bathroom tiles in a luxury south-London home refurbishment and extension, using a mixture of the Vintage Floss and Tree pattern porcelain tiles to create an amazingly cool, modern look. To see this beautiful use of porcelain floor and wall tiles for yourself check out the pictures on the case studies section of the Porcel-Thin website.

A luxury bathroom featuring Porcel-Thin PARIS large format ultra-thin 1200 x 600mm porcelain tiles

With their generous 1200 x 600 mm standard size our thin porcelain tiles are robust enough for both indoor and outdoor applications, allowing for a wide variety of interior (and exterior) design options. Even at only 4.8 mm thick our matt finish or polished porcelain tiles will resist water as easily from a shower or steamy bathroom as they will a week long drenching from match postponing heavy rain – and still come back looking better than David Beckham in an aftershave commercial.

The Porcel-Thin Paris collection: The premier league champions of porcelain tiles.