Porcel-Thin’s Guide To The Best Living Room Floor Tiles

Bac-Tech lavender blue living room floor tiles

It’s official: living room floor tiles are surging in popularity. Whereas carpets can stain, tear, and generally degrade over time, porcelain floor tiles offer a much more durable surface. With more and more clients asking us about living room floor tiles, we’ve decided to create a handy guide to the best Porcel-Thin tiles for this purpose.


Bac-Tech lavender blue living room floor tiles


All of our ultra-thin porcelain tiles share certain qualities that that make them ideal for use in living room floors. These include:

  • Extra large sizes – Our large format porcelain floor tiles make for faster coverage in installation, as well as fewer grout lines. Fewer interruptions mean less of an obvious “tiled” look for your living room floor.
  • Suitable for both floors and walls – A major interior design trend is to “double up” your living room by having the same tiles for both wall and floor. This creates a unified, seamless look to the space, with jaw-dropping results.
  • Non-slip surfaces –All Porcel-Thin floor tiles have passed rigorous slip resistance tests – ideal for children who use the living room to play and run about!

Wood effect floor tiles for living rooms


Wood effect porcelain floor and wall tiles for living room


Designers are increasingly looking for a “cosy” aesthetic in the living room. It’s not enough to have comfy sofas and warm lighting – you may also need the soothing textures of a quality wood effect tile. Our main wood effect tiles collection, Pattaya Wood, offers a stunning range of natural wood effects. These extra large 1200x600mm tiles boast a smooth texture with a matt finish, combining the firmness of porcelain with the look of real wood. Take your pick from dark ebony to rice white, and plenty of tones in between.

Stone effect porcelain floor tiles


Stone effect ultra-thin porcelain living room tiles


Where to start? Porcel-Thin offers an enormous range of stone effect tiles, encompassing virtually any style of living room. We are particularly proud of our Jerusalem Aged limestone collection (1000x1000mm), with large square ultra-thin slabs of beautifully rendered limestone. For a darker look, dip into our Slate tiles range (1200x600mm) or sample the earthy tones of volcanic ash in the Florence Volcanic Ash collection (1200x600mm). The latter is great for alternating between light and dark tiles, creating a “striped” effect for your living room floor tiles.

Marble effect living room floor tiles


Onyx Bianco extra large marble effect floor tiles


Fancy marble in your living room? Don’t want the weight, awkwardness and expense of installing the real ting? Our ultra-thin marble effect porcelain tiles are just the ticket. For sheer wow-factor, you can’t beat our famous Leviathan range (2400x1200mm), with gigantic tiles in a range of natural marble effects. Another option is the Ferrarra range (1200×600 and 1000x1000mm) with its subtle veins and hues offering a look of true luxury. For designers who think big, a better choice would be our book match marble collection, perfect for “statement” living rooms.

To find out more about the benefits of Porcel-Thin living room floor tiles, visit our south London showroom or contact our friendly team via phone or email.