Trick or Treat? Porcel-Thin’s Interior Design Tips

Ferrara thunder tiles in office overlooking London

Here are some of our favourite secrets and spoils associated with the use of porcelain tiles for domestic and commercial design projects. We love to share our customers’ experiences, so let us know your interior design tricks and treats this Halloween!

Porcelain Tile Interior Design Tricks

Friendly faux – Our porcelain tiles have more benefits for your interior design project than there are bats in the belfry. As well as being super-thin and light-weight for easy handling and installation, they offer ultra-low water absorption and resistance to heat – making them an excellent alternative to natural wood and stone tiles for hellishly hot kitchens or heavenly bathrooms.

Porcel-Thin Bac Tech Teakwood tiles in kitchenette

Light at tunnel’s end – There’s no need to have a brush with the Day of the Dead to see the light at the end of the interior design tunnel; you just need a good eye and good materials. Fitting out your chosen space with high quality porcelain tiles will not only make your space look more inviting but a clever use of light-coloured tiles in a small space can provide the trick of light needed for a voluminous effect.

Spookily seamless – Forget having to line up endless tiles to make a nonstop pattern. Porcel-Thin’s large-format tiles, with fewer interrupting grout lines, will allow your chosen finish (from wood to marble to sandstone) to appear seamless for a look that’s smoother than Merlin’s beard. How about our new Thunder Grey Porcelain Tiles to kick up a demon of a design storm?

Ferrara thunder tiles in office overlooking London

Porcelain Tile Interior Design Treats

Fiendishly fresh – For many, the priorities of having tiles with panache and practicality are neck and neck, but when you choose Porcel-Thin tiles you can have the best of both (under)worlds? With our new antibacterial tiles, which have recently been shortlisted by Tomorrow’s Tile and Stone for an industry award, your interior design project will look magical and maintain maximum hygiene.

Gigantically gorgeous – Whether marvellous marble-effect tiles with gargantuan Greek chic is your thing, you’re drawn to onyx tiles for a more mystical and shadowy vibe or barely-there Ghost White Ferrara grabs your ghoul, Porcel-Thin tiles standard tiles measure 1200 x 600mm while our Leviathan collection is 2400x1200mm for supreme surface wow.

Leviathan Agate Rubane tiles in hotel lobby

Revamp ready – When it comes to interior design, a wand-swishing revamp can be as good as a complete overhaul. A “new” bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean a sparkling new suite; it could just mean installation of ravishing new bathroom tiles. And don’t just think of revamping your internal flooring; Porcel-Thin tiles are a wicked alternative to paving and will marry up your indoor and outside spaces a treat.

We’d love it if you got on your broomstick and shared your interior design tricks, treats and tips on our Facebook page or Pinterest page.  Remember there’s still time to grab our devilish deal on Leviathan large tiles – only £75 (+ VAT) per sqm until October 31st 2017! 

Katy Lassetter

26th October 2017