Backlit Onyx

The Backlit Onyx is a collection of ultra-thin porcelain tiles and wall panels measuring only 3.5mm in thickness so that they can be backlit with led lighting to create a range of stunning effects. As the name suggests, this is a collection of 5 different styles of onyx marble ranging from the subtle white Alabaster to the stunning patterns and colours of Botswana and Blue Ice Agate. The large standard 1800x900mm size makes these porcelain tile perfect for use as backlit wall panels. They can also be used as backlit panels for bars, splashbacks, showers, reception desks, retail displays, shelving, freestanding display pods and much more. A key feature of our backlit onyx is the way the colour and texture of the onyx changes depending on the intensity and colour of the back lighting, and this creates endless design opportunities for interior designers.

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