Marble Staircase In North London

Marble Staircase In North London

 A developer required a durable alternative to white Calacatta marble to add the finishing touch to the communal stairs and walls in the entrance hall and lobby of 6 exclusive apartments in North London.

Porcel-Thin’s acclaimed Book Match Calacatta marble reproduction porcelain tiles were chosen for their size, authenticity and quality. Now all that was required was a skillful team to perfect the installation.

Tiling the open stairwells and walls in this entrance hall and lobby of a three-story building may sound like a job for Spiderman but we knew just the team for this challenging project… Marc Hillingenn, of Marc Tiling, and Gary Walsh, of GB Walsh Floor and Wall Tiling, are approved Porcel-Thin tiling contractors who share many years of high-quality tiling expertise.

With so many angles and elevations to accommodate, the stair risers, treads and skirtings needed to be arranged individually – as with any tiling project, the devil is in the detail! The first task was for our tilers to transfer a paper laying pattern onto all walls, floors, bulkheads and wall recesses so that they could decide on the best layout for the book matched marble pattern and ensure a seamless finish.

The large 120x60cm format of our Calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles truly replicate large slabs of this popular and attractive marble while grout lines are kept to a minimum. Incredibly strong but only 4.8mm in thickness, the weight on the structure of the building is vastly reduced and these extra-large tiles are easy to handle and install.

While marble is a beautiful material, it is scratched easily and can become ingrained with dirt, which means that it would not be suitable for cladding a staircase in such a high- traffic environment. The inherent strength and resistance to dirt of Porcel-Thin tiles makes them ideal for use in areas where a natural material, such as marble, would soon become stained and worn.

Following many hours, not to mention a great deal of skill, Marc and Gary installed over 280 square metres of Calacatta Book Match marble effect tiles with assistance from Tilemaster Adhesives and Schlüter®-TREP stair nosing profiles. We think that the pure white marble with striking black veins creates a stunning visual impact and we hope you agree.

Images courtesy of Marc Tiling