Large porcelain tiles are big news and are fast becoming most wanted by international architects, developers and interior designers. There are myriad benefits to large floor tiles which, spanning from large grey floor tiles to large white floor tiles, are plentiful in the Porcel-Thin collection. These benefits include but are not limited to: fast coverage, fewer grout lines, giving the illusion of space and offering close comparison to natural stone without impractical limitations.

Porcel-Thin Tundra Grey large grey floor tiles

The best thing about large porcelain floor tiles is that they can be used inside and outside the home – from bathroom to bedroom and patio to pool. They not only look fantastic, with a wide variety of styles and finishes available, but also offer an excellent value, hardwearing alternative to other floor coverings. Here’s a breakdown of our favourite facts about large floor tiles and why you’d be crazy not to consider them for your next project:

Large floor tile coverage

Luxury Porcel-Thin large China Clay floor tiles in London luxury apartment

While our extra-large floor tiles cover a big surface, and it will probably take two tillers to move them around at installation, their super light-weight makes them much easier to manoeuvre. This means coverage is far quicker than when dealing with heavier, big floor tile alternatives. Coverage is slick too, with fewer grout lines to break up the patterning and emphasise the “tiled look” rather than the “natural stone slab” look.

Large floor tile continuity

Extra large format Calacatta marble effect porcelain tiles by Porcel-Thin

In the natural world striations and veining in stone are continuous, apart from where there are organic cracks and junctures in the rock formation. When using stone effect tiles, it’s easy for the patterning to become segmented and interrupted when grout lines are added. Large format porcelain tiles offer seamless continuity in bigger, more naturalistic slabs. It’s often commented how close our Book Match TilesFerrara Marble Effect Tiles and Jerusalem Aged Limestone Tiles are to the real deal.

Large floor tile capacity

Large porcelain tiles can be used to amazing effect in larger spaces where the full pizzazz of their authentic patterning can be appreciated. They can match the scale of the space and there are fewer grout lines to distract the eye and the flow of the space. But they’re not just for use in larger spaces, they can be used in smaller spaces to add the illusion of more space and more cohesion to the interior design.

Large floor tile credibility

Marble effect Bookmatch porcelain floor tiles

Not only are large floor tiles popular and proven among trade professionals but their authenticity when it comes to patterning and finish is second to none. Advances in digital printing technology allow extra-large floor tiles, stone-effect in particular, to be created so you’d never know the difference between natural stone tiles and their porcelain counterparts. Using an equally beautiful large porcelain floor tile in place of natural stone also opens up practical possibilities. Porcelain floor tiles can be used in areas of high-traffic, heat and moisture. Unlike natural stone tiles, which would need treating and maintaining.

What do large floor tiles cost?

Our large floor tiles start from around £50 per m2 and, while Porcel-Thin tiles aren’t the cheapest on the market it’s worth considering that, as with everything, you get what you pay for. Plus, as our large floor tiles are hardy and resistant to everything from water and dirt to wear and heat, they present excellent value for money. With so many style choices too, you’re spoilt for choice for something classic and timeless. This means you’re not going to want to change our large porcelain floor tiles very often.

We’re sure you now see that the benefits of our big floor tiles are as plentiful as the tiles are leviathan. Check out the full collection of our large-format porcelain tile beauties today.