The Wonder of Extra Large Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles, every interior designer must make a decision: small or large? Smaller tiles may have done the trick until now, but if you want to make an impression in 2019, large format tiles are the way to go. Our advice is simple: the bigger the better!

Onyx Bianco large format porcelain tiles

Extra large format tiles offer all kinds of benefits, from style to practicality. In this article we explore the very best features of large format porcelain tiles, whether kitting out a kitchen or adding a spot of luxury to your hallway.

Faster coverage

Not enough people ask the question: how long will it take to fit my tiles? Homeowners hate having to surrender their home to the builders, and fitting tiles can be especially time-consuming (when done well!). But with extra large format tiles, you can achieve lightning-fast coverage that will get the job done faster. Take for instance our ultra-thin Leviathan tile – it measures a whopping 2400x1200mm, with just two or three tiles covering an entire wall!

Fewer grout lines

Square limestone tiles next to swimming pool

Another bonus to extra large tiles is their “uninterrupted” look. With fewer grout lines to distract the eye, your interior will appear naturally bigger. It also makes it easier to create a seamless look to the space. This comes in very handy when using the same tile across different areas and rooms, creating a unified look. A great example is our recent project at a Romford wellness centre; we used large 1000x1000mm Pierre Blue limestone effect tiles to bring a soothing vibe fit for a luxury spa.

More hygienic

An oft-overlooked factor in choosing tiles is how much dirt they collect. After all, wall and floor tiles need to be cleaned fairly regularly, even if porcelain is easier to deal with than natural stone or marble. Extra large tiles will minimise the dirt collecting in grout lines. But for a truly hygienic option, Porcel-Thin’s innovative Bac-Tech tiles take cleanliness to the next level. Made with a special antibacterial coating, these ultra-thin tiles kill harmful bacteria across their entire 1400x800mm surface.

Book match effects

Calacatta antique book match tiles in living room

Sometimes you have to make a big splash with your interior. For discerning souls, our stunning book match porcelain tiles collection features elegant marble patterns printed on 1200x600mm tiles, each combining to form a single spectacular design. Ideal as a feature wall in a shower area, or to give continuity to a long hallway, these large-scale patterns are among our most popular tiles for designers looking to go the extra mile.

Lightweight and tough

Good news – you no longer have to worry about large, heavy tiles that break in transit. Modern innovations mean that our ultra-thin porcelain tiles are extraordinarily lightweight and tough, much more so than real stone or marble. It’s the sheer density of Porcel-Thin tiles, achieved through a pressed manufacturing process, which allows for half the thickness of standard porcelain tiles. What’s more, breakthroughs in digital printing technology allow us to replicate the look of natural stone and marble, with none of the drawbacks.

Extra large leviathan porcelain tiles for bathrooms

Interested in extra large porcelain tiles for your next interior design project? Browse our comprehensive range of tiles or get in touch with our team to discuss the best way forward. We’ll help you select the best possible large format tile for your interior and put you in touch with trusted installers to finish the job.