Porcel-Thin: Porcelain Tiles That Can Stand the Heat in the Kitchen

Large luxury kitchen featuring porcel thin paris pattern ultra thin and large format porcelain tiles

Kitchens are the heart of any home. Whether you’re blessed with enough room to hold small ball or a more modest space your kitchen deserves the hardwearing, affordable beauty that Porcel-Thin’s porcelain tiles can bring.

Large luxury kitchen featuring porcel thin paris pattern ultra thin and large format porcelain tiles

Traditionally, ceramics have been the first option for walls, floors and splashbacks. However, more and more people are turning to porcelain tiles as an easy and fantastically versatile way to transform a tired old kitchen into an elegant place to enjoy cooking and eating.

Let’s start at the bottom. Thin porcelain kitchen floor tiles make for a practical and efficient alternative to stone flagging, wood or carpet. Firstly, their unique thinness means that our tiles work especially well with underfloor heating – outperforming thicker ceramic or natural stone by heating up quicker and using less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Warm kitchen floor tiles are not only a delight to bare feet first thing in the morning they also mean that wet foot and paw prints dry quicker!

Worried that a thin porcelain kitchen floor tile will crack or be a slip hazard? Not at all – our ultra-thin porcelain tiles are not only twice as strong as traditional tiles but Porcel-Thin also provide certified PTV slip resistance values for all our ranges – meaning you can choose an attractive, robust kitchen floor tile which has the best anti-slip properties.

luxury kitchen featuring porcel-thin ferrara cararra marble effect porcelain tiles

Moving up we come to the kitchen wall tiles. Here you can really go to town. Porcel-Thin porcelain tiles come in wide variety of colours, styles and finishes – enabling you to really personalise your cooking space. As well as plain, practical tiles our collection includes superb reproduction stone, marble and even wood prints which, thanks to the miracle of our digital printing technology look just as good as the real thing.

Of course, hygiene is of prime importance too. With their ultra-low water absorbency our tiles resist dirt and stay cleaner for longer. In addition, Porcel-Thin have also introduced a revolutionary range of porcelain kitchen wall and floor tiles which have antibacterial properties built in! Available as an additional extra on our Melbourne Sandstone collection these thin porcelain tiles actively kill germs – making your kitchen a safer, cleaner place for kids and pets to be.

Kitchen with Porcel-Thin Hyan light grey porcelain tiles

If wall to wall tiling isn’t your thing then you can add a touch of colour and style by indulging in kitchen splashback tiles. Porcel-Thin’s unique Paris Aquamarine range are designed to look just like coloured glass, whilst the Province metallic effect collection work equally well as stunning kitchen splashback tiles.

Porcel-Thin’s unique porcelain kitchen floor and wall tiles are also robust to be used outside. Very useful if you also fancy joining the latest design trend of ‘bringing the outside in’ by having your tiling motif carried over from your kitchen floor to an adjoining outside area, such as a patio!