What Makes Our Market Leading Thin Porcelain Tiles So Strong?

Porcel-Thin Mona Lisa tile thickness diagram

As with all great products, excellence and uncompromising insistence on the best, is at the heart of our market-leading thin porcelain tiles.

Ordinary porcelain tiles are made using an extrusion process where the construction mixture is forced through a metal die. The resulting ribbon is then trimmed to size. A Porcel-Thin tile starts life in a very different way – and therein lays the critical difference between our premium quality thin porcelain tiles and standard equivalents.

All our TPT porcelain wall and floor tiles are pressed into shape using the dry dust of only high quality porcelain clays. The resulting ultra-thin tile is not only harder and smoother but also has much lower water content. This presents several benefits:

Porcel-ThinOutdoor swimming pool with Melbourne sandstone effect tile

  1. Independent tests prove that our thin porcelain tiles are nearly twice as strong as thicker, conventional porcelain tiles.  Highly resistant to water, frost, fire or heat, our thin porcelain wall and floor tiles are also incredibly hardwearing, withstanding even outdoor usage without deforming, cracking or fading.
  2. Despite their inherent strength Porcel-Thin’s porcelain wall and floor tiles are still easy to cut and shape using only conventional tiling tools.
  3. Unlike inferior thin porcelain tiles Porcel-Thin products DO NOT contain or require any strengthening meshes or materials. This addition often causes lesser porcelain tile products to fail as the fibreglass mesh they must use to compete with our inherently robust porcelain tiles expands and contracts at different rates – causing inferior porcelain tiles to break down.
  4. Measuring only 4.8 mm thick our porcelain tiles are incredibly lightweight. This combination of reduced weight and incredible strength mean that even our large format tiles of 1200 x 600 mm and 1800 x 900 mm can be easy handled by a single person.
  5. These extra-large tiles also give faster coverage with fewer grout lines to spoil the overall look. Needless to say, using fewer tiles also results in a saving for both time and materials.
  6. Our porcelain tiles, including our large floor tiles, are manufactured with the environment in mind. Compared to standard ceramic tiles Porcel-Thin’s production process uses 60% less mineral resources, 40% less energy and produces 50% less carbon.

From the start every one of our lightweight, large format porcelain wall and floor tiles is manufactured to the highest standards – producing a premium product with strength and beauty built in.