Why Porcelain Tiles Make a Great Alternative to Limestone

Jura Grey limestone effect floor tiles in a modern apartment lounge

Limestone floor tiles are an enduringly popular choice for home and commercial spaces. But limestone effect porcelain may well be a better option for your next project. At Porcel-Thin, we offer the best of both worlds: robust, large-format porcelain tiles with an ultra-realistic limestone look.

Limestone effect floor tiles

How did limestone become such a popular choice for floor and wall tiles? There are several reasons. First, natural limestone is widely available as a raw material – much more so than marble. This keeps costs low and choices plentiful. It also allows limestone tiles to be produced in a vast range of colours and styles, with hundreds of different shades and textures to work with.

What’s more, limestone’s soft, unobtrusive look means it is equally at home in modern and period-style interiors. The demand for modern styles is especially high – we recently supplied our limestone effect floor tiles for a modern spa retreat as well as a luxury apartment building in north London. Limestone is also a popular style for outdoor spaces such as patios, building facades and swimming pool areas.

Porcel-Thin large limestone effect floor tiles in a spa and wellness centre in Essex

The best of both worlds

If natural limestone tiles are so impressive, why consider porcelain limestone as an alternative? The short answer is that limestone effect porcelain tiles offer many advantages over the real thing, with none of the drawbacks while the latest in digital printing techniques mean that porcelain limestone tiles look exactly like real limestone.

Pierre Blue limestone effect floor tiles in a elegant period lounge

A key advantage is strength. Porcel-Thin’s ultra-thin tiles are much stronger than limestone tiles of a similar thickness. This is due to the extraordinary density of our porcelain, which allows for reduced tile thicknesses and larger sizes. This density is beneficial when using electric and wet underfloor heating systems, as the system heats up faster and heat is retained within the floor for longer.

The 6mm thickness of our limestone effect tiles minimises the issue of raised floor levels. Like all natural stone tiles, limestone floor tiles are quite thick, usually 20mm minimum. This can cause issues with floor levels between rooms, skirtings and doorways that only become obvious after installation.

Luxury modern bathroom featuring Crepito light coloured limestone effect tiles

Furthermore, our porcelain limestone floor tiles are incredibly durable and fully resistant to scratching, frost, heat and bleaching from sunlight. Plus, their ultra-low water absorption properties make them highly resistant to stains and bacterial growth – check out our special antibacterial tiles range for the ultimate in surface cleanliness.

The most popular Porcel-Thin limestone effect tiles

We offer seven styles of limestone effect porcelain tiles, all in a large 1000x1000mm format. These include several popular limestone tile textures such as Jura Grey and Carbonado, replicated with stunning accuracy by our state-of-the-art digital printing. The large sizes also help to reduce grout lines while mimicking the look of real limestone slabs.

Kitchen floor and patio tiled with Bianco Alba limestone effect floor tiles

A common complaint about stone effect tile products is the lack of pattern variation, which can often fall short of the real thing. To counter this, Porcel-Thin’s natural stone effect tile collections boast a broad range of patterns. Bolstered further by a honed-style surface finish, our tiles are a noticeable cut above many of the cheaper limestone effect tiles on the market. 

Are you interested in using limestone effect floor tiles or wall tiles for your next project? If so, Porcel-Thin is your best bet. Contact us today via phone or email, or visit our showroom in south London to explore dozens of natural stone effect tile samples and display units.