Why Unusual Marble Tiles Will Be Big In 2021

Bespoke vanity unit tiled with rich gold and brown marble effect porcelain tiles

Among the many joys of marble tiles is the sheer diversity of styles and textures available to designers. Pale, grey, dark, golden – the wonders of geology have gifted us with an extraordinary range of marble options.


Blue Azul marble effect porcelain tiles make a great feature wall in this modern home


With such riches available to us, it is no wonder that designers and homeowners are starting to explore the more “unusual” end of the marble design spectrum. Rich marble patterns are already being tipped as a major interior design trend for 2021. Bathrooms lead the charge, with all kinds of unusual and colourful marble tones being embraced. But as we’ll explain, rich marble is just as well suited to many other kinds of interior spaces.

Let’s look at three areas where bold and unusual marble styles are being used to make a fresh impact in the interior design world. We’ll also suggest some of our most popular ultra-thin marble effect porcelain tiles that meet the moment.

Feature walls and wall panels

Looking to make a bold statement in a shower area? Need to perk up a bland kitchen space? Vivid marble effect styles and patterns will help your feature walls and panels stand out in a way that “classic” marbles (such as Carrara and Calacatta) just can’t.


Feature kitchen wall tiled with Marmara Equator rich marble effect tiles


For lovers of dark marble, two tiles stand out. The first is our Nero Portoro marble effect tile (1800x900mm), which features a stunning black backdrop interrupted by gold veins. Meanwhile, the Emperador Onyx tile (1800x900mm) boasts a stunning replication of dark onyx marble, with grey veins criss-crossing its polished surface. On the lighter side, Mystic Grey Onyx (1800x900mm) makes for an great luxury kitchen splashback with its eye-catching gold veins.

Another excellent use for marble effect tiles is large scale wall cladding; covering an entire wall as opposed to half-tiling. Our Leviathan marble effect tiles (2400x1200mm) are well suited to cladding due to its immense size and light weight, which offers extra-fast coverage during installation. Lovers of unusual marble patterns will enjoy the rich gold of Agate Rubane and the ocean-inspired Azul Blue – both perfect for a bold design statement.

Bathrooms and wetrooms

Bathrooms, wetrooms and shower rooms have long been considered a natural home for marble tiles. After all, bathrooms are the ultimate sanctuary space in the home, calling for warmth and luxury tiles – two qualities that our rich marble offers in spades.

Feature shower wall and vanity unit tiles with Emperador brown and gold marble effect tiles


If your bathroom has on-trend brass fixtures and taps, we suggest the earthy tones of Marshall Brown (1200x600mm) and Emperador Onyx tiles as an ideal match. The latter is used to spectacular effect in our south London showroom – we’ve not only used the tiles to unite the feature wall and floor, but to forms a chic washbasin stand.

Small spaces


Small cloakroom featuring luxurious marble effect tiles


Compact spaces such as cloakrooms, alcoves and hallways are ideal for unusual marble. With your furnishing options limited, floor and wall tiles offer a much-needed option for whipping up a “wow-factor”.

Onyx marble is again a great option here – we’ve had plenty of requests for our River Jasper Onyx tile (1800×900) for hotel and office hallways. Another bold pick is the huge Spartan River tile (2400x1200mm), its bright and vivid patterns ideal for making a feature of alcoves and other tight spaces.

Porcel-Thin marble effect tiles offer many more advantages besides their looks. If you have any questions about any of our marble effect tiles, please reach out via the contact page. Alternatively, you can visit us in our socially-distanced showroom in Bermondsey, which showcases dozens of marble effect porcelain tile samples. Our experts will be on hand to offer advice and guidance for your next project.